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About Grace Victory

Grace Victory is an award-winning Vlogger and presenter, with her videos attracting over 23 million total views on her official Youtube channel. 

She is one of the UK's forerunning and most successful Internet sensations and over the last 4 years has built a global audience with her unique flare and girl power attitude.  She has been honoured with being voted 'Best YouTuber' for Cosmopolitan Magazine and has been awarded ‘Most Inspiring Role Model’ for InStyle Magazine’s Project 13.

Grace is an inspiration to thousands of young people around the world and hailed as the “most inspiring person on the net” and the “Internet's Big Sister”, being one of the only mainstream fashion and beauty bloggers to cover mental health issues.

Summer 2016 saw Grace debut her hit documentary “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets”. Challenging the claims many health gurus swear by, the documentary was one of the most watched shows on BBC Three Online, achieving over 1.5 million views across BBC One and BBC Three Online combined.  Grace's subsequent documentary, “The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of the Puppy Trade” saw Grace investigate the hard-hitting truth behind to the rise of the ‘Instagram dog’. Due to their positive reception, over the coming year Grace will explore other subjects exclusively for BBC.

Grace has exclusively presented London Fashion Week and has worked with brands including L'Oreal, Clinique, ASOS and New Look, to name but a few.

Grace shares her story on problems that all young people face, as well as topics that are perceived taboo, by speaking openly about depression and other personal battles.  She also regularly attends inspirational meetings with young women to give advice, guidance and a chance to share each other’s stories.

Grace has now announced her debut book 'No Filter'. Hitting the shelves summer 2017, Grace shares her inspirational story. Brimming with hilarious anecdotes and no-nonsense advice, the Internet's Big Sister tells you everything you need to know about accepting yourself and fighting back, in style. 


Grace Victory - No Filter - Author

MTV - Sex Squad Presenter

BBC3 Documentary - The Cost of Cute: The Dark Side of The Puppy Trade

BBC3 Documentary - Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets

InStyle awards 2015 - Most Inspiring Role Model

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015 - Best Vlog

BBC iPlayer - London Fashion Week: Grace Victory's Top Picks

Cosmopolitions Blogger of The Year 2014

Over 210,000 YouTube Subscribers & 1,000,000 website site hits

Working with brands such as ASOS, Clinique, LoReal, New Look

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