About Fia Tarrant

Fia anchors the late slot (10pm-1am), nationwide on the Heart Network, Monday to Thursday as well as the highly sought-after Saturday Heart breakfast show (6am – 9am).

Fia quite literally grew up in radio. As a child, she would regularly be in the studio, watching how radio worked and witnessing the growth of the biggest commercial radio show of 80’s and 90’s - Capital Radio’s breakfast show – presented by her dad Chris. She knew from very early on that radio broadcasting was something she wanted to be involved in.

At 17, Fia’s first ‘radio’ job was on Holiday FM, a small network that broadcast from the Capital Building. She started at the bottom as an office monkey, then graduated to being tasked with top and tailing songs to load into the play out system. Fia’s on-air opportunity came when she gate-crashed (her words) her way onto a show on Capital Disney, experiencing the brilliance of live radio again, this time as a presenter. She knew more than ever that her passion was radio broadcasting and this led her to help launch the Heat Network for Bauer, getting some serious on-air miles under her belt.

You will often see Fia feature on ‘talking heads’ programmes where her witty, funny yet intelligent take on things sees her booked time and time again. Just don’t ask her about her appearance on Pointless with her brother Toby!


Presenter - Heart Network (nationwide) Monday to Thursday (10pm-1am)

Presenter - Heart breakfast show (nationwide) Saturday (6am – 9am).